We are Builders

We create meaningful

experiences by building

digital products with the

world brightest influencers

entrepreneurs and companies.


not quite; very nearly


known about by many people

What We Do


We go through a customer Journey process and develop okrs to build out MVPs for scalable problems.


We invest about 50 to 250,000 primarily in Marketplace startups and Emerging Markets


Will use experimental and influencer marketing along with some of the best practices in digital marketing to grow user base for MVP products

We live in this space and keep

pushing the boundaries…

there’s always more people.

Our Companies

We build and invest in great technology companies globally and provide a unique blend of operational support and capital.

Ventures we’ve exited

Saas @xChange CRM | Supply Chain @OEMs xChange | Entertainment/Media @almostfamous.com @30secondstofame | Tourism @MIAGuestlist @DubaiGuestlist @Growonblockchain

Tedd Bernard


Tedd is a multifaceted entrepreneur who has done business in The US, from Miami, NYC to LA Internationally, Dubai, Frankfurt, Philippines and India.